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Workshop on Drug Use, Ritual Killings, and Cult Activities in Nigeria
Tue, 17th May 2022 -- Thu, 19th May 2022


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The incidence of drug misuse, ritual killings, and cultism in Nigeria, while not new, has been on the increase and is a source of concern for various segments of society as it affects youth development in Nigeria. There have been repeated calls from various quarters on the need for all stakeholders to come together and tackle these issues in order to safeguard the future of the youths and the nation at large.


A Workshop on “Drug Use, Ritual Killings and Cult Activities in Nigeria”
Date: May 16th – 20th, 2022
Venue: CSN Resource Center, Abuja


The goal of the gathering is to provide a forum for experts and stakeholders to bring their collective expertise to design immediate and long-term appropriate strategies to tackle these issues.


The gathering will seek to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Raise awareness on the rising incidences of drugs abuse, ritual killings, and cultism
  2. Develop a comprehensive strategy for tackling these issues
  3. Identify and leverage existing institutions and various stakeholders to drive this initiative.




  • Daily horror stories of ritual killings, deaths associated with drug use
  • Evidence of the negative impact of these issues on families and local communities
  • The negative effect on youth development and the future of Nigeria
  • Prevention of investors and potential developers of Nigeria’s economy
  • Fear of the average Nigerian in performing normal day-to-day activities



Day 1: Arrival May 16th, 2022
Day 2: Workshop - May 17, 2022 – opening, input from experts, panel discussion
Day 3: Workshop –May 18, 2022 - recap of input, design plan of action, “Advocacy Ask”
Day 4: Advocacy –May 19, 2022 - visits to policymakers and relevant agencies
Day 5: Departure – May 20, 2022


Panel 1 Discussion

  1. NDLEA - Drug situation in Nigeria
  2. UNODC – Drugs and Crime, experience from other societies
  3. Police – Ritual Killings and Crime
  4. NBA – Role of Judiciary
  5. I-ACT – Building coalition and networking for peacebuilding
  6. Channels TV - Moderator



Possible Follow-up Strategies

  • Identify and work with faith-based groups
  • Meeting with stakeholders to generate ideas
  • Campaigns to faith communities and involvement of religious leaders and groups like CWO, CMOs etc., to organize town hall meetings
  • Campaigns in schools and student union leaders with a focus on peer education
  • TV/Radio campaign targeting non-Catholics
  • Development of timelines and checklist to guide action and expected deliverables




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